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Diagenics Group SE is a biopharmaceutical enterprise with establishments and partners in Europe and the USA. We are developers and producer of a new product line of diagnostic aid which is based on a new and innovative bio-marker which owns the potential to change the medical diagnosis and to improve. With the help of our new products not only a quicker and more exact diagnosis of a cardiac infarction makes – also under the concept Acute Coronary syndromes famously – perform by which quicker, surer and more actual treatments allowed. Also, the health system can profit from it, nevertheless, the cost-effectiveness can be increased by the fact that resources reach earlier and more specific to the patient and the frequency is reduced by wrong diagnoses.

Our main area is the early diagnosis of heart infarction. However, we are also currently developing diagnostic devices for the early detection of a stroke, as well as pre-eclampsia, a wide-spread complication of pregnancy. It is not hard to imagine that by developing new promising diagnostic devices for the two widest spread medical areas worldwide, the market impact of our products will be tremendous.

Everyone can suffer from a heart attack. If reduced blood flow (ischemia) occurs in the heart, usually caused by a blood clot in the artery, the oxygen supply to the heart cells is interrupted, and after a short time, heart muscle cells begin to die. This leads to a so-called acute myocardial infarction (AMI), or in everyday language: a heart attack. 
In this situation time is critical, but the classical bio marker can only detect the beginning of necrosis - which is almost too late. Here, our new method provides the solution for an early, yet specific diagnosis of a myocardial infarction. The enzyme we detect in the blood, using our own antibodies, has the name glycogen phosphorylase BB (GPBB). It acts as a safety valve for the cells in the heart, letting them survive as it provides energy from glycogen even without the oxygen. The inactive form of GPBB is localized in the cells, and by a biochemical cascade it is activated and released into the blood exactly when the heart cells start their fight against the infarction, when they need oxygen. In this form, our antibodies can make it measurable in the blood. This, GPBB is the earliest heart-specific bio marker in heart problems. Opposed to the classical bio marker troponin, returns to base value within 18-24 hours, so after that, any re-infarction or success of treatment e.g. a stent can always be monitored by GPBB concentration in the patient’s blood.






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